She belongs everywhere
Yet nowhere at the same time
She gets excited by the city skyline
But can’t stand the hustle and bustle
The country air calls her
To hear the gravel crunching beneath her feet
The feeling of peace
As nature wraps itself around her
Only to be beckoned by the sea
As the waves lap gently up to shore
Then slowly leave again to the vast unknown
Where you a reminded that you are only small
In a world so big
Where possibilities are endless
And in these possibilities is held, the great unknown
She wants to be everywhere
Yet yearns to be certain of where she wants to be


When a person has integrity it means that they have a high standard of morals, beliefs, and values, they’re honest and truthful. These characteristics are not just something that is spoken; it is evident within the individual person’s actions. Often we can be out of integrity in many aspects of our life – our life purpose, money, relationships, career, the list goes on.
Let’s take a moment to consider dog owners. It is the responsibility of a dog owner to pick up their dogs ‘business’ from the nature strips, footpaths, or wherever else our four-legged friends decide to drop one. In the instance that they drop one and you think you can get away without picking it up, you know…the cheeky look around to see if anyone is watching and quickly getting out of there, is acting out of integrity (then when your neighbour’s dog takes a dump on your lawn, that my friends is called karma).
Despite believing that we do act in integrity sometimes our actions demonstrate the opposite. We may have a strong sense of what is wrong and what is right, but out of fear, or the power of manipulation of others we can act out of our own integrity. For instance we can feel out of integrity with ourselves by just not feeling ‘right.’ There is a sense that something is wrong or uncomfortable and you may not be able to put your finger on what it is.
We can be out of integrity with others. How many times have you surrounded yourself with people that just aren’t your jam? Your belief systems are different, your morals and values are different, yet to fit in, to be accepted, to be liked, you continue to hang around people who make you feel pretty crappy about yourself. They don’t build you up. In fact, they might put you down, it might come across as a joke and you might laugh but if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, then it’s not right. Ever meet someone from the word go that you just don’t ‘like?’. You might not know them from a bar of soap, but your intuition, your ‘gut instinct’ tells you otherwise, this could be because you’re out of integrity with one another.
When we are out of integrity or alignment it is difficult to manifest what you want. We often hear ‘like attracts like’ so if you’re out of integrity you’re going to attract more of what you don’t want – this applies to your career, your relationships, money, peace – anything else you could possibly want, is difficult to manifest when you’re out of integrity.
Think about your values and beliefs, what is important to you, and do what you can to align yourself with those values and beliefs. Surround yourself with positive people that are going to build you up, that want what is best for you. Act with integrity and act accordingly to build the life that you want for yourself and that you rightly deserve.


As an adult we have a long list of things “to-do.” It’s either physically written down, recorded in our smart phones or stored somewhere in our brains. While we are often aware of our priorities we tend to just go through the motions – get up, go to work, pay the bills, eat, sleep, repeat. We seem to be programmed. Life isn’t that simple. Sometimes we are thrown curve balls, or we make the decision to add other layers to our lives – studying, starting a new hobby, changing jobs, relationships, fly fishing…what ever takes your fancy really. We some how have to find a balance and make sure that our priorities match our goals and vision for the future that we want.

This is why I have been absent from blogging. I have had to prioritise my time and energy to ensure what needs to get done does get done in the most effective and efficient way (not to mention writers block, but I shall keep that for another time). Now let me tell you what I have learnt about this…I am a pretty good procrastinator! For instance, I’ve got a shite load of boxes sitting in the garage that have been there since I moved into this house about a year and a half ago. I know those boxes are there and I keep telling myself I will crush them and recycle them thoughtfully….now that I have assignments coming out of my ears, a business to try and build, work to attend to, and overall life admin – nothing seems more important now then getting rid of those damn boxes! I know you hear what I am saying. I have had to exercise some self control – will the world end if those boxes aren’t crushed? No…I mean the world might end, but not because I haven’t crushed those boxes.

When we have visions for our future in any shape or form it can become overwhelming. While you can sit down and think about where you would like to be in 3, 5 or 10 years time, often you won’t have a clue, however when you make the decision and have a rough idea of where you would like to be, taking the first steps towards these goals can be a challenge. For me personally I get really overwhelmed at the thought of where I would like to be. Yes, I should break my goals down into more manageable chunks, but it is scary and anxiety provoking. So much so that I end up feeling like a dead weight that isn’t moving any where and everything that I am working for constantly feels out of reach.

So what is the solution? Keep moving forward. When procrastination or fear sets in, to sit with it, acknowledge it and then continue to push through, until our goals are no longer at our finger tips, but instead in the palms of our hands.

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” Stephan R. Covey

Meditation May

Happy June people!

Where on earth has the first half of the year gone?

For the month of May my mini challenge was to meditate every day – I did a 10 minute meditation in the morning before getting up, followed by a 30 minute meditation in the evening before bed.

Did this practice change my life? I would have to say yes, yes it did!

The morning meditation included the affirmation “Today is going to be a good day…Today is a good day.” When I wasn’t feeling on top of my game I would come back to this mantra and say it to myself. It made such a difference. Sometimes when you say an affirmation or a mantra to yourself you can feel a bit goofy, but the more you say it the more you feel it, and it really does happen. Now this is not to say that shite didn’t happen, because shite did and does happen. However there was a part of the mediation that talks about if you are faced with challenge throughout the day that you will be able to handle it, and sure enough, any challenges that did come my way I was able to handle.

The evening meditation was about letting go of the past and clearing the charkas. In the evening I would most of the time fall asleep during this meditation, however I believe subconsciously the meditation still has an effect.

I also attended a meditation class during the month which I absolutely love. To be in another environment with like minded people where you have permission to do nothing else but meditate. There is nothing to do, no where to be, but to just be present in the moment. I’ve been attending these meditation sessions with Lulu for 2.5 years now, and always look forward to going. I have popped Lulu’s details down the bottom if you are interested in joining a meditation class.

There are so many meditation apps out there now, and some great meditations on YouTube. You just have to find what suits you and what you are looking for. There have been times in the past where I have felt to wired and to frantic to meditate, but these are the times that you need it the most. To stop. To concentrate on your breathing. You would be surprised at how much more productive you can be when you take 10 minutes out to meditate. It can set you back on your tracks where you can think clearer and get more done.

Lulu’s Place Psychic Healer Positive Life Coach

Morning Meditation: Morning Meditation 10 Minutes – Positive Affirmations to start your day

Evening Meditation: Cut the Chords of Past and Present

The Power of Words

We learn to speak from such a young age. Speaking is difficult when you really think about it. Once we learn to speak we do so in order to communicate with others, to ask for help and to socialise. However as we get older, we learn that some things are not appropriate to say, for instance it would be rude to say to a waiter in a restaurant “I want water now” (channelling a 2 year old talking to their mother or father). We learn the social cues that are acceptable, and what are not. However, if you delve deeper, if you pull apart words that you say in your everyday life you will discover that they can change the whole idea of your statement, whether you intend to or not.
I have become aware that I unintentionally use the word “just.” Such a funny word. One in which can change your innocent comment into one in which is rather negative. Nothing is ever ‘just.’ ‘Just a minute’ often means more than a minute, or could be less than a minute. If someone asks ‘how long are you going away for?’ and you reply “just 6 nights” it implies that 6 nights is not enough, when someone else would love to be away for 2 nights, and 6 nights would be an absolute dream. The minute you put the word ‘just’ in front of anything you are toning it down. ‘What are you studying?’ ‘Just massage therapy’ like that is not enough? It automatically indicates that you don’t hold value to what you are studying, when being a massage therapist can help so many people in so many ways. ‘I’m just a nurse.’ You are the person attending to sick individuals every day in a way that no-one else can. ‘I’m just a cleaner.’ You help prevent people from getting sick by keeping buildings, workspaces, frequently visited places clean. Are you getting my drift?
Be mindful of the way in which you speak. It certainly is reflective of how you view yourself and the world around you. The words you say can denote if you have a positive outlook, with the glass being half full, or a more negative outlook with the glass being half empty. Being conscious and actively attempting to change the words you use on a regular basis can assist you in changing your whole outlook.
You are never ‘just’ anything.
Remember that, you are never ‘just’ anything.

Mindful Mel 🙂

Appreciation April: A Reflection

As part of my mini challenges for 2019 I have just completed Appreciation April! During the month of April I would write down each day at least 5 things that I appreciate or am grateful for. It could have been things that happened during that day, or it could just be more general.

There were evenings where I would forget to write down my 5 things. I am a stickler for habit, and may be bordering OCD but I would tell myself that it is ok if I missed a day. The world is not going to come to an end. If I felt the need I would add a few extra appreciation points instead of just writing 5.

What did I learn from Appreciation April?

That it really is the small things that count! Obviously not big and grand things happen every day, but the little things that occur each day can be the things that bring a smile to our face – blue skies, birds chirping, an elderly couple holding hands, a kid stomping through the autumn leaves in his gumboots. All of these small acts fill up happy spaces within your heart. I found that reflecting on them and really taking the time to write about it and appreciate it made me more aware of what was going on around me throughout the day.

So what’s next?

Meditation May!

I am so excited for this one! For 31 days I will be participating in mindful meditation. I will be doing a short meditation in the morning to set off the day and a longer one in the evening before bed. Will report on changes, and anything that I have noticed at the end of the month. Please feel free to join along and share your experiences too!


Mindful Mel

Baby I’ve Been Watching You

As you get older you “do you” and you get involved in the mundane routine that is life. It may feel like you are just going through the motions that you aren’t aware of what is going on around you. Sure you might have set yourself some goals and you are chipping away at them slowly but surely but what you may not realise is that someone is watching you. Not in a creepy way. In a way that they admire you.
Do you remember when you were a kid and you did something that you thought was really cool? Like a trick on the monkey bars, mastered the cartwheel or learnt how to spell a new word? And you use to say to your Mum or Dad, or anyone that you looked up to for that matter “look at me! Watch me!” Your parents, or the adult that you called upon would smile and give you words of encouragement and tell you how spectacular your new trick was, or they will acknowledge how hard you worked for something. As you age, you learn not to ask people to watch you, and you seek to find that intrinsic motivation where you are proud of yourself. Of course, we are human beings and most of us do well by having our efforts recognised be it in a professional sense or in our personal lives, however we don’t hear it as often and sometimes it can take you by surprise.
If you have ever had the opportunity to be around small children you will realise that they are tiny sponges that soak up everything! And I mean everything! They are watching everything that you do and listening to every word you say (even if it doesn’t appear that they are) and out of nowhere they will mimic you. They will say a phase that comes out of your mouth in the exact same tone in which you say it. They might grab a cloth and wipe the coffee table because they have seen you do it, or grab a tissue for their sibling and try and wipe their nose because they have seen their parents do it.
However as adults we are much more modest and humble. We are taught not to boast. We keep our heads down and our bums up and we continually chip away. While we observe others we often keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves. To receive a compliment for some can be confronting, for others they take it in their stride. If you notice someone is kicking life’s goals, let them know. Encourage them. Tell them how proud you are of them. Tell them how much they motivate you to set your own goals. Tell them that you have noticed. It’s easy to become complacent and to just assume that people ‘know’ they are doing well, but it is certainly another thing to be told. To hear it, to read it, and then in turn to feel it.
My point is that we often want what we don’t have, and more often than not there is someone watching you thinking that they want exactly what you have at this present time. So be grateful and thankful for all that you have, keep your chin up, hold your head high, and keep working towards those goals. Be kind; be respectful, because no matter how old or how young you are, you never know who is following in your footsteps.