The Magic of Christmas!

When I was a child everything was magical. I believed that there were fairies that lived in the garden. I would try and find them. I believed that garden gnomes came alive and were friends with the fairies. I loved books by Shirley Barber (no relative of mine) that were about fairies, and they were so beautifully illustrated, that’s how fairies looked in my mind.
I believed I was Trini, the yellow Power Ranger. I had the ‘heart’ ring from Captain Planet. I believed my toys came alive at night, or when I wasn’t around – just like in Toy Story and Johnson and Friends. I had a great imagination.
Christmas. There was nothing quiet more magical than Christmas. The lead up to Christmas was always so exciting! Visiting Santa to ask him for a specific toy and have our photo taken, writing a wish list to send to the North Pole and having a chocolate each day from my advent calendar.
Oh the excitement on Christmas Eve where my sister and my cousins would be convinced that we saw Santa and his reindeer in the night sky, or that we heard his bells, or that we heard them land on our roof!
Christmas Day was filled with excitement. The ridiculous amounts of presents that were under the tree. The excitement was contagious! Surrounded by family and food. The whole day was special.
And that’s how I always want Christmas to be. When you stop believing in Santa. When you get older, and the reality of ‘life’ takes its toll. People who were once with us to celebrate such occasions are no longer with us, and in these occasions we miss them even more. You appreciate your nearest and dearest, and the moments that you get to spend together. I made the decision that I always want Christmas to feel magical. That the moment when you wake up in the morning, that it is a special day and that it will be until you go to bed that evening. That everyone that you surround yourself with feels the magic, the excitement and that they feel loved and appreciated too. Of course, making your loved ones feel this way should be a priority no matter what time of the year, but I think re-creating the magic is important too.

Author: mabarberlissa

Hi and welcome to my blog! The aim of my blog is to share some of my experiences, my thoughts and feelings about mindfulness, while providing strategies on what gets me by in this ever changing, ever moving world! I hope that my readers gain something out of the entries as well.

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