Instant Gratification

In this day and age we are instantly granted whatever we wish, particularly in the material sense. With the constant upgrade of technology we are doing things today that our Ancestors could have only dreamed of. We are able to shop online 24/7. You don’t have the money? Just apply for a credit card and that will take care of that! If we have a question we can just type it into good old Google and Ta-Da! The answer to our question is revealed. We have access to games, online where there is a reward of a finished product. If you can’t work it out you can look up ‘cheats’ to get to the next level, to increase how many ‘coin’s’ you have, and so on and so forth.
You no longer need to listen to the Hot 30 Countdown on the radio and tape your favourite songs onto a cassette tape. With the likes of Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and so many more you can listen to your favourite song over and over and over again until you are sick of it and you want to listen to something else.
However, there are still instances in life where you have to work towards what you want. You can’t just have that thing that you want in an instant. You have to work hard to get the job that you want, you might have to study, go through a whole key selection criterion while you are applying for jobs, and then go through a gruelling interview process. To save money for a holiday, a car, a house, or whatever else it is that you desire you have to get up and go to work, you have to carefully plan how much you need to put away to save for that desire.
Then there are relationships, they involve a process too. From communicating with someone, then maintaining the friendship like a garden. It needs to be tended to. It needs to be a 2 way street. If we go deeper and look at romantic relationships, they are different again. They take time to develop. You can’t just meet someone and the next day you are ready to walk down the aisle, planned the breed of your next dog, and named your future kids Asparagus and Dill. It takes time. Humans are complex creatures. To truly understand the in’s and out’s of someone you need to take the time to get to know them, by spending time with them, participating in a wide range of activities and purely just participating in everyday life. “As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe” Judith Wright.
While we are becoming immune and expectant in getting what we want, we need to channel our inner patience and understand that good things, which we shouldn’t take for granted take time, persistence, work and patience.
“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success” Maxwell Maltz.

Author: mabarberlissa

Hi and welcome to my blog! The aim of my blog is to share some of my experiences, my thoughts and feelings about mindfulness, while providing strategies on what gets me by in this ever changing, ever moving world! I hope that my readers gain something out of the entries as well.

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